July 27, 2016

The Perfect Hair Cut…

I have always desired full thick luscious ends all my life and to an extent I had it, but my length remained at my shoulder to maintain it. Before my big chop I was thinking about a pixie cut but I quickly talked myself out of it, plus you guys may never forgive me. 

 My ends look perfect, don’t they? Or so I thought. Seriously when I first saw my ends I was ecstatic and excited that finally I can be proud to flaunt my ends.  It s only when I parted my hair to show the comparison of pre-cut and post- cut, did I realize my perfect cut wasn’t so perfect anymore.

I looked closely at the initial pic that made me think my ends were perfect and after closer scrutiny I do see its slightly crooked. Am I mad? No, but a little disappointed that all of my hair isn't the same length to grow back together. 

Am I going to trim to even it out? Not right now since my ends are in the best shape ever. In all fairness my ends look great together and I don't think its a major flaw. I will do minor trims after my relaxers to keep my ends in check but no crazy cuts anytime soon.

I will still return to Iconic Salon to get my trims, because the atmosphere and stylist was very relaxing and comfortable. This post was not sponsored.

 What would you do to your ends at this stage?


  1. Your ends look great Hun! So blunt and thick!!!

  2. Look at the photo with the pink shirt, where your hair is all straight, it is very even. On the other photos, your hair has a dent and is not totally straight so it will not look totally straight.

    1. I don't think the dent had much impact on the length, but thank you.

  3. I think your ends look nice. I'm sure you can even it up over time if it starts to look off.

    Don't Touch the Hair

  4. It doesn't look major at all, Tomi! I'm glad you made the decision to go back.


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