September 22, 2014

Relaxer Day Results…

I relaxed my hair myself at 16 weeks post relaxer with ORS Creme Relaxer in Normal Strength and I’m getting better at it everytime I do it. My routine hasn't changed from the last time I relaxed my hair in May 2014 here.
Flat Iron Results after stretching my relaxer for 16weeks
[1]   I started at the top right hand corner and worked myself around my entire head in 15 mins. 
       This timing was a lot better than last time when I took 18mins. I spent 12mins for 
       application and 3 mins smoothing out the relaxer with my fingers. I didn't want my hair 
       bone straight so I didn't use a comb to smoothen out the hair.
[2]   I hopped into the shower and rinsed my hair thoroughly.
[3]   Applied Aphogee 2 min reconstructor for 2 mins and rinsed to add back some strength.
[4]   Shampooed with Motions Neutralizing shampoo 3 times and rinsed.
[5]   Deep conditioned with  L'Oreal Total Repair Damage Erasing Balm for 35mins with heat.
I dyed my hair with this color Truly Red
Since I’m entering into a new decade of my life I decided to try something new and dye my hair. I bought the Kiss Express Color Semi Permanent Dye in the color Truly Red. I knew it wasn't going to be super bright but it would be a good change from dark brown.  I sat under my heat cap for 25mins with the dye and rinsed. I followed up with Aussie moist conditioner to add back some softness to my hair and remove the excess dye.  Back in the day when I used to dye my hair, every time I scratched my scalp the dye would be under my finger nails and I didn't want that.
[6]   Rinsed and wrapped my hair in a T-shirt for 40mins.
Air-drying after my relaxer
I tried a new leave in conditioner of Silk Elements ColorCare and sealed with Coconut Oil. This leave in left my hair soft and also acts as a heat protectant.  Once my hair was 85% dry I decided to blow dry my roots that were still damp on cool temperature.
Fully Dry hair
I usually full wrap my hair but opted to air-dry and flat iron this time. I will admit this was my first time using direct heat on my hair since the start of my hair journey and I was abit scared.  To prepare my hair to be flat ironed, I applied Dark & Lovely 6 Week Anti Reversion Cream Serum first , then proceeded to flat iron.  I used the lowest setting because I didn't want to end up with heat damage plus I’m a newbie. When I started it was as easy as ABC.  I did one pass on majority of my hair and two passes on my crown since that’s the thickest part of my hair.  Some areas were bone straight and others still had abit of texture and I’m fine with that. 
Length check : Full Armpit Length
I did dust my ends alittle but overall they are in good shape.
Flat Iron Results
Overall I’m happy with my results. Looks like I’m heading down to Bra Strap Length and hoping to retain enough length to meet that goal in December *fingers crossed*. I’m not sure where all of this growth came from or what I did differently in the last four months but I’m loving it.
Flat Ironed Results
Have you relaxed your hair recently & Can you see the slight hint of Color in my Hair?

Be inspired...


  1. the color looks very pretty Tomi and goes wonderfully with your skin tone. your hair looks very healthy and longer. keep up the good work

  2. Wow, your hair looks SO good. I can definitely see the colour and it really suits you. Your relaxed/texlaxed texture is so nice, too. I love how many pictures you take - it really inspires me!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! It's really getting amazing length! You will be BSL very soon!

  4. Your hair is beautiful and it has grown so much! Amazing results!

  5. Love the results Tomie, the hair colour is gorgeous x

  6. The length of your hair is amazing!!! And I love the colour and makeup tooo :D

  7. lovely results!! the colour is amazing too :)

  8. Tomes, your hair looks awesome and it grew so much too. Whatever you've been doing the last 4 months, keep that up because it's working. I am loving the red color.

    I also think that once you pass APL your hair is long enough that it looks good no matter what you do :). You are definitely on your way to BSL. Seriously looking good. I am hoping to be grazing BSL by the end of the year too.'

    Love love love all the pics by the way. Looks like you really had fun with it :).

  9. Everything looks so perfect, the hair, the makeup, the top. I am loving the hair color. You are beautiful!

  10. Wow your hair has grown so much, Tomes!! It looks beautiful! Great job. I love the color, too.

  11. Thank you beautiful ladies, i really appreciate your encouragement.

  12. you retained so much length dear,nice relaxer day

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  14. I cannot get over the color! It's gorgeous on you.


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