November 21, 2014

Wedding: Our Cake Tasting Experience…

To be honest we knew who we wanted to bake our wedding cake from last year and kind of slacked on looking at other options.  Always have a plan B trust me . When we finally chose a design for our cake, the quote given to us was way above our budget. Its at that point we decided to start looking at some other options to see if we were getting a deal or not.  We had 3 quotes for the below cakes without the topper and one with the topper.  We asked for a 3 tier Chocolate Cake with Vanilla filling. Aren't they gorgeous.
Source from Pinterest. Our first design Cakes
We had to go back to the drawing board and figure out what else we could maneuver, so we stayed within our budget and still like the design of it at the end of the day. After much deliberating we came up with our cake design and found a wonderful bakery to produce the outcome.  One of my bridesmaid is actually who suggested Four and Twenty Bakery Inc to me, thanks Karla

From day 1 the professionalism and flexibility of the Four & Twenty Bakery Inc was amazing. We received timely emails for any queries we asked. When we physically met to discuss our likes and dislikes, the meeting was very warm and they even threw in something special for us. What really attracted us to their work is how clean the fondant was on their cakes as well as the creativity. Kevin asks a lot of questions normally to make sure we fully understand the agreement we are getting ourselves into and Four & Twenty Bakery Inc responded very clearly to all queries.  There was no attitude or feeling being rushed to finish the meeting. Seriously guys, our expectations are very high and they lived up to every expectation. Now unto the actual taste of the cakes.
Cake samples from Four & Twenty Bakery Inc
Kevin thought all the cakes except the chocolate tasted basically the same. They were all nice but he thought the Chocolate Cake could have been sweeter. He really loves icing | fillings (I encourage lots of water afterwards) and he loved every filling except the Chocolate Ganache. He thought it was too dark as it tasted like real cocoa chocolate. All other fillings he talked about but he loved the Coconut Butter Cream the most. Kevin’s favorites in order were: [1] Coconut Butter Cream, [2] Vanilla Butter Cream, [3] White Chocolate Butter Cream and [4] Chocolate Ganache.
Cake samples from Four & Twenty Bakery Inc
Unlike Kevin I could taste a slight difference with the Vanilla, White Chocolate and Coconut cakes. It wasn't heavily leaned towards the flavors but I could still taste a small hint.  I loved all of the cakes, they weren't too sweet or bland at all. Even the chocolate was really nice.  I am not an icing or filling girl at all.  I absolutely loved the ganache filling. Even though it was a dark rich chocolate it was delicious. Everything in moderation though, because eating too much of it could give me a headache. My least favorite filling was the White Chocolate Butter Cream. It had in Mini Chocolates which was awesome but was too rich for me. My favorite fillings were: [1] Chocolate Ganache, [2] Coconut Butter Cream, [3] White Chocolate Butter Cream and [4] Vanilla Butter Cream.

I am extremely happy with the choice we made and we are confident the design we chose will be made to perfection.

What's your favorite flavor cake?

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  1. Oooooooh, the wedding posts are here, loving it. I am now super excited to see your cake. Happy to know that you found what you were looking for.


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